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Software-Engineering: Effective communication with 'why', 'how', and 'what'

03 April, 2018

A few moons ago I read Simon Sinek’s ‘Start With Why’ following Kent C. Dodds ’ recommendation in his newsletter. The things that stuck…

Watch Me Code: Adding an RSS feed to my Gatsby blog

19 February, 2018

Honestly, this feature is entirely redundant at this point. Nobody actively reads this blog yet, as I have not advertised it properly yet. I…

Java: Feature-oriented package structures and the default access modifier

18 February, 2018

In Java we have 4 access modifiers that can be applied to methods and fields of a class. In descending order of visibility, they are: This…

Java: Spring Dependency Injection Patterns - The good, the bad, and the ugly

13 February, 2018

Spring developers will be familiar with its powerful Dependency Injection API . It allows you to declare @Bean s that Spring then…

Watch Me Code: Creating The Difficulty Indicator On This Blog

12 February, 2018

The second video in this series is a lot longer than the other one. A lot of stuff went wrong, but that’s just how things go when you’re…

Watch Me Code: Watch Me Hack On This Very Blog

11 February, 2018

I’ve been inspired recently to start putting out more content. This is my first public YouTube video ever, where I’m hacking on my blog. It…

The Journey: The Graduate Induction

10 February, 2018

After having graduated from the University of Bath I spent the last summer holiday I would ever have looking for a new flat. I ended up with…

The Journey: Getting my First Job as a Software Engineer

09 February, 2018

I didn’t start applying to programming jobs until the last few weeks of my final semester in my final year of university. In fact I only…

Go: gofeedme - A simple golang RSS feed parser for Übersicht

05 February, 2018

This weekend was spent in Brussels, Belgium attending the FOSDEM 18 conferences. I spent a lot of time there at the golang devroom…

Shell: 10 Basic Commands Every Beginner Should Know

14 January, 2018

If you aspire to be a developer, sys-admin, or some other profession that relies on computers outside of word documents and excel…

Vim: My Shiniest Gems

16 December, 2017

Vim is highly customisable, and I recommend everyone tailor their config according to their own preferences. That being said, here are some…

Software-Engineering: Modern Approaches to Dealing with Legacy Code (x-post)

15 August, 2017

I wrote an article on how to manage your legacy systems using modern tools and techniques on my work blog. Please check it out .

Groovy: POGOs

04 July, 2015

Every well respected Groovy blogger must write about how awesome POGOs(Plain Old Groovy Objects) are. I am not a well respected Groovy…

Groovy: Closures

15 May, 2015

Often when I work with Java I find myself thinking “This would be so much easier in Groovy…”, and much of the power of Groovy comes from…