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Rewriting my Neovim .vimrc in Lua

I recently rewrote my Neovim configuration in Lua in order to take advantage of a more intuitive programming language for configuration, Lua-only plugins, and powerful Neovim-only features such as: The built in LSP: Language Server Protocol, IDE features like “show docs”, “find references”, “rename”, and “go to definition” for basically any language. Treesitter: Powerful parsing of any programming language, which means plugins and syntax highlighting can make powerful and accurate transformations.

My Shiniest Vim Gems

Vim is highly customisable, and I recommend everyone tailor their config according to their own preferences. That being said, here are some bits I think people may want to steal from my .vimrc. I tried to avoid the more common options you’d find in similar articles written by others, such as enabling line numbers, tpope’s surround plugin, or sane backspacing, and focus on the lesser-known tricks and settings. General settings Highlight the current column Immediately find exactly where your cursor is, using set cursorcolumn.