Watch Me Code: Creating The Difficulty Indicator On This Blog

February 12, 2018

Advanced technical article.

The second video in this series is a lot longer than the other one. A lot of stuff went wrong, but that’s just how things go when you’re learning new stuff. I don’t really know Gatsby that well yet, and I’m only OK at best when it comes to React. Like my previous video this one is 100% raw. I’ve only done the tiniest bit of editing to splice two separate recordings together. The quality of my code here is terrible. It’s completely untested, and I didn’t even bother styling anything. But, it did the trick and doesn’t look THAT bad… Right?

Shipping is important

Anyone that knows me in a professional setting would know that the attitude above is far from the one I have at work. I try and hold myself to a pretty high standard when it comes to results and code quality. However, since I’ve started working in a start-up environment I’ve started to also appreciate the value of shipping. God knows how many side projects I’ve done that has never seen the light of day. If you never ship, the only value you get out of the time you’ve spent working is the experience you learned from it. Some times this is enough. But if you decide to publish your work you might just benefit someone else as well.

Professionals screw up too

I am a software engineer by profession. But that doesn’t mean I know everything, and I think that it’s important to not hide that bit of the programming process. A lot of it, especially when learning, is messing up. It doesn’t mean it stays that way forever. You do get good at it eventually, but even professionals struggle with new technologies and concepts.

I remember when I was just starting out with programming. I watched tons of video tutorials online on programming, but 99% of them are rehearsed, nothing-goes-wrong videos. Unfortunately, when you’re a beginner everything does go wrong. Which is why I think these kinds of videos are important.

Managing And Publishing On YouTube Is Harder Than I Thought

Obviously, this article is written after having uploaded the video to YouTube. Kudos to everyone who publish high quality content on YouTube. Maybe I’ll join you in a few years once I’ve mastered YouTube’s awkward interface. I find myself having to write down steps for doing certain actions that I would expect to be intuitive. Take deleting a playlist for example: I had to change my language from ‘English (UK)’ to ‘English’ to be able to delete a playlist I created back when I was living in the states. Wat. Just a few minutes ago I found a really nice page after having verified my account that looked like it had some pretty neat features. However I’m struggling to find it again now that I’ve navigated away from it. It doesn’t seem to be linked from my account’s page, which I would intuitively associate it with.

Technical Difficulties

Apropos Tech-Diff, here’s one of my favourite shows.

Roger Guldbrandsen

Written by Roger Guldbrandsen.