Watch Me Code: Watch Me Hack On This Very Blog

February 11, 2018

Only basic technical knowledge assumed.

I’ve been inspired recently to start putting out more content. This is my first public YouTube video ever, where I’m hacking on my blog. It’s completely raw, unedited, and NSFW depending on your company (some swearing).

“Let’s Play” videos are super popular for gaming. Unfortunately I’m not that big of a gamer. Don’t get me wrong, I love Half-Life and Shenzhen I/O, but I’d rather watch programmers hack on code, run into problems and see how they solve them. I find that there’s always something new to learn from this kind if interaction. There are a few live streams on Twitch, and the odd video on YouTube but I wish there was more. So I’m adding more, in case other people want this too.

I obviously don’t know anything about editing videos. But if I keep this up maybe I’ll learn something new there too!

Roger Guldbrandsen

Written by Roger Guldbrandsen.