Personal development: Learning by Streaming on Twitch

January 08, 2019

Non-technical article

Twitch is the site where people stream, mainly gaming, and I’ve started taking part. I’m not a hardcore gamer by any means. I could probably give you a run for your money in Mario Kart or Final Fantasy VIII, but that’s about it.

Nevertheless, I’ve tried my hand at live-streaming myself working on a couple of personal software projects and even streamed myself playing on my Nintendo Switch in order to learn Japanese. Also, it definitely counts as something that makes me uncomfortable.

I kind of see this as being the converse of my mentoring efforts (topic for another blog post), where I’m just showing myself learning new stuff. By streaming I gain accountability, and it forces me to stay focused on learning. No procrastination allowed.

I peak at maybe 1 viewer per stream, but I’m still learning tons every time. Not just about the things I’m actively studying, but also about how streaming actually works. I definitely underestimated just how difficult streaming is.

If you’re active on Twitch yourself I’d love to get my first follower!

Roger Guldbrandsen

Written by Roger Guldbrandsen.