Personal development: New years resolution 2019 - Do uncomfortable things

January 02, 2019

Non-technical article

I’m a day late, but I’ve finally decided on my new years resolution:

I will do at least one uncomfortable thing every day.

Obviously(?), I don’t intend on doing things just for the sake of being uncomfortable, but rather to get in to the habit of not avoiding uncomfortable situations and conversations. I believe the fear of ridicule, shame etc. has held me back in the past 2-3 years in regards to physical health, mental health, and career development. If by sticking to this I end up doing 100 (dare I dream 364?) things I wouldn’t have done in 2018, then I’ll consider it a success.

This resolution is different from saying “This year I will step out of my comfort zone”. This statement is to vague and ambiguous to work for me. No, I’ve set a set a daily goal, and here’s how I’m going to track it:

Todoist example

I’m a fan of Todoist for tracking tasks, quick ideas, recurring chores etc. and I’ve created an ‘uncomfortable’ label that I’m going to use to label any task I think would make me uncomfortable, and make sure I cross out at least one of these every day.

I don’t think I’ll ever run out of tasks with this label. I’m guessing that once I’ve completed one task another will follow like a corollary follows a theorem. Alternatively, maybe I’ll feel emboldened enough to put something even more uncomfortable on the list. Before you know it I’ll be sky-diving naked over North-Korea! Okay, maybe not…

さて、time to tick off the ‘Write a blog post about my new years resolution’ task.

Roger Guldbrandsen

Written by Roger Guldbrandsen.